The first in the series of exhibitions proposed by ICICLE on the theme of the tree, this installation by Jonas Delhaye offers a stroll away from our furious and insatiable world that denies the power of rest. Read More
In this European Week for Sustainable Development*, at 1.618 we feel it is crucial to highlight the most responsible initiatives of the creative industry, whether they are based on innovation or traditional know-how. The projects identified illustrate... Read More
On the occasion of the exhibition, "notre musée" at the Collection Lambert in Avignon, ABOUT A WORKER invited the students of the INSPIRE micro-school (which allows children who have dropped out of school to rediscover a taste for learning through art) to create a work jacket inspired by Sol LeWitt. These unique pieces, upcycled from fabrics destined to be thrown away, are now worn by the museum's mediators. Read More

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