With his gentle gaze, this man is the founder of the Six Senses group, 26 hotels and 41 spas around the world, one of the finest success stories in the contemporary hotel industry.
Barefoot living in an experience of osmosis with nature, tasting the best of what you can’t find in London, New York or Paris, like fresh rocket picked the same day… With solar panels, organic vegetable gardens, herb gardens and yoga classes on the beach, the ‘no news, no shoes’ concept was born, revolutionising luxury hotels.

Sonu Shivdasani, founder of Soneva

Founded 30 years ago by Sonu and Eva Shivdasani, the Soneva hotel chain is one of the most exclusive establishments and is at the forefront of sustainable development thinking. It has just won an award at the latest World’s 50 Best Hotels ceremony in London.

Soneva Jani in the Maldives

Sonu Shivdasani, godfather of the 1.618 Event in 2014 showed the way to sustainability in the world of hospitality as early as 2011.

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