TECLA : the first fully 3D printed construction from natural materials !

3D printing combined with local clay allows for the rapid and inexpensive manufacture of a zero waste housing (because it is biodegradable and recyclable) : TECLA.

The architectural firm “MC A” (Mario Cucinella Architects) partner of the Italian company @3dwasp (World’s Advanced Saving Project) has designed this eco-housing project on the principle of a wasp cocoon: a double dome that fulfils the roles of structure, roofing and exterior cladding. This concept also responds to the urgent need to combat global warming and to respond to population growth in many countries.

A new circular model of housing created entirely with reusable and recyclable materials, sourced locally, carbon neutral and adaptable to any climate and context.

WASP invests in research and development of integrated projects with a wide range of applications, from prototypes and furniture to clay and ceramic components for industrial use.

Here is a fascinating video on TECLA printing, below :

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