The first in the series of exhibitions proposed by ICICLE on the theme of the tree, this installation by Jonas Delhaye offers a stroll away from our furious and insatiable world that denies the power of rest.

Jonas Delhaye, Woodpeaking, latex, variables dimensions, 2017

Xiuxi 休息 The Chinese script expresses the notion of rest through two characters, the first of which suggests a human figure “ren” leaning against a tree: .

To rest means not so much to stop as to take support, to feel invested with invisible roots, to take shelter for a while.

This rest does not mean “doing nothing”, but rather regulating oneself to the actions of nature, which has its own rhythms and its own system of execution. Following the trees, without representing them, obeying them with skill and ingenuity, this is the subtle requirement of the artist’s work. There is nothing declarative or thunderous here, Jonas Delhaye seems to draw on the sources of Chinese poetry, seeking a new score in the minimal and the discreet.

Jonas’ artistic approach is a work of time and attention that is defined in a hybrid form where the work and the photographic image are considered at the crossroads of sculpture and the performative. The creation is always born from the immersion of the body in space, from the experience of time and testifies to the enhancement of a presence in the world.

Ginkgo Biloba, silver color paper, 2017
Synthèse, oak leaves, 2012-2017
Étant donnée, 4×5 inch slides, frosted glass, wood, led, 60X90 cm/ 30×70 cm/ 30×60 cm, 2012-2018

In this exhibition À L’ABRI DES CIMES at the Espace Culturel ICICLE, Jonas Delhaye presents a series of works all produced in situ in parks and forests crossed during his travels in France, China and Canada.

Jonas Delhaye, Woodpeaking, latex, variables dimensions, 2017

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