SUGO – Biophilic & revolutionary design

SUGO was born in 2018 from the idea of Kevin Chu and Giulia Dibonaventura to merge advanced sustainable technologies with nature-inspired elements to create game-changing contemporary biophilic lighting.

All SUGO ARTNITURE art furniture has the incredible ability to invincibly purify the environment of viruses, bacteria and pollution thanks to a special photocatalytic technology tested and approved by NASA.

Achieving a healthy planet through art, science and sustainable technology – Kevin Chu

In the manufacturing process, SUGO selects suppliers who push the boundaries of sustainability ethics on a global level, in order to offer exclusive products that are constantly improving with unique finishes and smart new technologies.

Always on the lookout for new inventions in sustainable technology and after many years of collaboration and research, SUGO adapts its production to the ever-changing world of sustainable technology.

For more information, visit the SUGO page in the 1.618 Guide.

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