NOUT – The combination of luxury perfumery and eco-consciousness…

The young French brand Nout has focused on the idea of perfuming oneself to take care of oneself and the world.

The products are made from natural ingredients such as organic wheat alcohol which allows them to be used for many years, instead of the recommended 3 years. All the perfumes are certified Bio Cosmos Organic, that is to say vegan, without endocrine disruptors, without synthetic perfumes or petrochemical products!
In addition, Nout has taken the bold step of excluding from the composition of its fragrances any ingredient suspected of being harmful to health or the environment that is usually used in perfumery.

The brand designs its perfumes with the prestigious Maison Robertet in Grasse, whose
The know-how has flourished for 5 generations, respecting nature and people, with complete traceability of raw materials.

The recyclable glass bottles and FSC-certified wooden cap are packaged in a reusable cotton pouch to eliminate traditional plastic packaging
and cardboard!

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