NOUT – Finalist for the “Responsible Innovation” Award

NOUT, member of the 1.618 Community, has been nominated finalist of the Fragrance Foundation Awards in the category “Responsible Innovation”, with its perfume Davana Sauvage.

The Fragrance Foundation France gives a voice to innovative and eco-responsible fragrance brands. This beautiful initiative highlights the alternatives that exist to preserve biodiversity, each at its own level of responsibility.

From the alliance of luxury perfumery and ecoconsciousness… NOUT designs natural unisex perfumes with the prestigious Maison Robertet, in Grasse. Certified “cosmos organic”, the products are vegan and contain no petrochemical ingredients.

By creating Nout, we have the ambition – on our scale – to move the luxury perfume industry in the direction of a necessary transformation towards more sustainability and consistency in commitment – Laurence Lecocq

Unlike industry-dominant synthetic fragrances that give the impression of naturalness, Nout offers a unique range of real, natural and intense fragrances. The Maison demonstrates all the excellence of the French perfumes of Grasse by adding a preserved natural beauty.

A formulation based on wheat alcohol, isolates and essential oils, any ingredient suspected of being dangerous for humans and for the planet is excluded. The responsible attitude of the brand can be seen in the wooden hood, from French sustainably managed forests, and in the ethically produced, recyclable and biodegradable organic cotton packaging.

To learn more, visit the NOUT page in The 1.618 Guide.

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