KATIA SANCHEZ – The Color Factory

Katia Sanchez was born in 2019 and is back to handmade products. It combines aesthetics, quality and responsibility. Katia Sanchez jumpers are conscientiously produced from 100% natural and certified materials.

Katia’s collections are based on a love of materials and an awareness of their origin. For her, knowing more about the jumper you buy gives it an extra soul. This is a real solution to reduce its ecological impact, hence its desire to make sustainable, soft, cheerful, feel-good jumpers.

It is essential for Katia Sanchez to work with a trusted, close and integrated manufacturer. That’s why his jumpers are knitted in Italy in a conscientious familyfactory near Venice. It respects everyone’s rhythm and charges a fair price for all.

Discover in video a team that has the love of the product and the work well done!

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