ICICLE’s ROCKS! Exhibition

In line with its 2021 ready-to-wear collections with the Earth as its main theme, ICICLE is setting up the “ROCKS!” exhibition, organised by the agency Doors, in the cultural space of its Parisian flagship store.

The creations question our perceptions and summon the mystery of stones. By showing that they are imbued with the movement of the world and bear witness to a deep time that can be counted in millions or billions of years.

ICICLE called on five contemporary French and Chinese artists: Zhan Wang, Jonathan Bréchignac, Charlotte Charbonnel, Noémie Goudal and Shao Wenhuan, each of whom brings a personal view of the mineral through their creativity.

The exhibition “ROCKS!” closes the year with a bang, inspired by the Chinese scholars of the time who recovered eroded rocks. She explores the link between nature and artifice and leads us to question this east-west convergence via contemporary art: sculptures mixed with natural stones and composite materials, illusionist photographic montages, darkroom chemical experiments on mineral matter…

Want to mix culture and shopping? See you until 31 January 2022 at 35 avenue George V in Paris 8.

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