The official launch of our new digital and immersive tool: The 1.618 Guide, took place last week in the magnificent Parisian flagship of our partner ICICLE Avenue George V in Paris.

Barbara Coignet and Isabelle Capron, Vice-President of ICICLE, spoke about the issues and values of the 1.618 Community, of which ICICLE is a member. Followed by the presentation of the famous Guide 1.618 of which Joseph Azar, present for the occasion, is the creative developer of great talent.

Finally, the intervention of Frédéric Zeimett, President of Maison Leclerc Briant and member of the Community 1.618, who offered a tasting of his delicious champagne to the guests throughout the evening.

An evening of meetings, exchanges and discoveries…

What is the 1.618 Guide?

Affected by the health crisis, initially frustrated at not being able to showcase and promote our international selection of companies, we took a digital turn, our own, through the creation of the 1.618 Guide.

It is a free, innovative, immersive and interactive tool, highlighting and giving voice to the companies and visionaries of the 1.618 Community.

The 1.618 Guide was created in response to a need for transparency and evidence in consumer affairs, and in an effort to present these companies in an authentic and sincere manner. It looks for the information behind the product, focuses on the story, to make the product even more desirable and unique.

Thanks to this tool, we also understand the selection criteria: responsible innovation, environmental impact, eco-design of packaging, product life cycle, ethical and societal commitments, educational role, traceability and preservation of know-how.

The alliance between new technologies and storytelling works wonderfully, offering new creative opportunities and rethinking the world around us. Indeed, technology sometimes makes it possible to reach a new audience through new and sensitive experiences. The field of exploration is infinite.

Covering many sectors, these experiences use the latest technology to create a very realistic sense of presence. They invite different audiences to become actively involved in the story rather than passive observers.

Immersive storytelling offers a unique opportunity for the 1.618 Community to tell heartfelt, memorable and shareable stories.

1.618 believes that new technologies coupled with storytelling make everyone aware of what they can do in terms of responsible consumption in the face of sustainable development issues by instilling emotions and meaning through travel.

The visionary behind the tool

Joseph Azar, French creative coder, using WebGL technology, and passionate about experiential marketing. He draws his inspiration from nature, and brings a third dimension to the digital age.

His best-known project is called : Le Voyage Azarien (2021), a relevant mix of innovation, visualisation, augmented reality and nature.

It breaks the codes, proves that innovation designers can be sensitive, and that they can put technology and their creativity to good use in the service of emotions and the awakening of the senses.

In creating Guide 1.618, he met our expectations by minimising the energy impact of the tool.

Would you like to discover the 1.618 Guide? Don’t wait any longer and click HERE

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