FORWEAVERS – Passionate and fascinating fabric

Social and Solidary Company, ForWeavers sources and creates rare and high quality textile materials, resulting from traditional know-how in the respect of the environment.

The company’s objective is to preserve the intangible heritage of humanity by allowing its weavers to make a decent living from their loom and to improve the living conditions of their village. For ForWeavers and its passionate founder Ali Rakib, it is essential to protect oral traditions, performing arts, social practices, rituals and festive events, knowledge and know-how necessary for traditional crafts.

Besides, Ali Rakib is now part of UN Women France.

ForWeavers aims to make exceptional materials accessible to both young designers and established luxury houses. All ForWeavers fabrics are hand-fabricated, in warp and weft, in weaves ranging from simple canvas to chevron, satin or diamond. The company thus ensures the economic and socio-cultural sustainability of the world’s textile craftsmen and protects the intangible legacies.

A committed and essential approach that we support very sincerely.

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