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Women in the spotlight! In the “Stories” section of its website, Beauty Disrupted tells the stories of incredibly inspiring women. To discover them, go HERE !

Once in a while we embark on journeys. We meet people that inspire us and experience places that take our breath away. We are transformed by ideas that will make the world tremble. And then we want to tell you all about it.

Li Karlsén – Apnea Diver

“Freediving sensation Li Karlsén may plunge to the depths of the ocean, but her eyes were once focused in the opposite direction, toward the sky. While circumstances beyond her control kept her grounded, the Swede’s ambition and determination has and always will remain sky high… READ MORE

Lamya Essemlali – Ocean Warrior

“In December 2005, Lamya Essemlali found out what it means to be willing to risk your life for a cause. The then-student was navigating Antarctica’s frigid waters to help stop illegal whaling, as a volunteer with the non-profit Sea Shepherd… READ MORE

Liv Sansoz – World Climbing Champion

“Professional climber Liv Sansoz is clearly in the heart singing camp. The mountains are where she grew up and where her passion is. Her first climbing love was the Calanques in the South of France, where she scaled the Mediterranean facing rock walls as a teenager… READ MORE

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