BEAUTY DISRUPTED – Beauty shaped in consciousness

Beauty Disrupted was born in 2020 from the idea of Alban Mayne and Svante Holm to found a high-end beauty brand that was the opposite of the current industry standards.

The brand offers a complete range of gender-neutral solid beauty products (hair care, body care and shaving care) based on carefully selected natural ingredients. We find Sacha Inchi oil, sweet almond oil, vegetable squalane and camelina oil, all of organic, local and traceable origin.

All products in the range are PETA Vegan and Cruelty Free certified. Finally, the perfumes are created in Grasse for a unique olfactory pleasure.

Each creation must excel in both quality and experience over its highest end liquid counterpart, while being made with gentle ingredients and entirely plastic free – Alban Mayne

The brand continues its fight against the existing industry and in particular the use of plastic with FSC certified recyclable cardboard packaging. Indeed, choosing a solid Beauty Disrupted product over a similar liquid product avoids using at least two plastic bottles!

The manufacturing process uses 100% renewable energy and 20% of the brand’s profits are donated to non-profit organisations that fight for the planet and against climate change.

To find out more, visit the Beauty Disrupted page in 1.618 Guide.

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