AB 1882 – Perfume becomes a Caress

AB 1882 was born in 2021 from the idea of Marie Giffo to revive the perfumes of her grandfather, Alexis Biette. In love with the feminine elegance and the French requirement which, she believes, is lodged in simplicity.

AB 1882, a high-end perfume house based in Nantes, brings a breath of fresh air to the world of perfumery by offering solid, natural, alcohol-free and refillable perfumes.

A fragrance that allows each of us to reconnect with our senses: touch, smell, sight, in order to facilitate a natural, carnal, intimate, necessary, vital reconnectionwith ourselves.

A soft caress leaves a delicate trail on your skin in a ritual and elegant gesture that revolutionizes the world of fine perfumery

Nothing is left to chance in order to offer a high-end and eco-responsible fragrance that meets the expectations of today’s consumers. AB 1882 has at heart to value local essences, so all its perfumes are made in France.

They are made of 96% to 100% natural, ethically sourced and rigorously selected raw materials. The skin fragrances are alcohol and water free to suit fragile skin and the sun, while their compact texture limits their environmental impact.

AB 1882 has surrounded itself with the best of French know-how in perfumery and manufacturing: a multidisciplinary team of talented, passionate and committed men and women.

Like the perfumes, the AB 1882 packaging is highly desirable and environmentally responsible. It is composed of a recyclable refill to be slipped into a beautiful durable case to take your perfume everywhere with you.

To learn more, visit the page dedicated to AB 1882 in The 1.618 Guide.

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