ICICLE’s BING ! BING ! 砰砰! Exhibition

As a nod to its 2021 collection inspired by the element of Earth, ICICLE is putting on the “BING ! BING ! Contemporary Ceramics” exhibition, organised by the Doors agency, in the cultural space of its Parisian flagship store.

Contemporary ceramics are transfigured and experimented with through sculpture, writing, performance and video… The works reflect different aesthetics and cultures associated with the medium of clay.

ICICLE called on 5 artists from China and France : Liu Jianhua, Geng Xue, Qi Zhuo, Emmanuel Boos and Louise Frydman, who give free rein to their creativity with the sole criterion of using clay.

Clay, a soft rock that is fragile when dry and has great absorbing power, has always inspired artists who quickly turned it into a popular art form.

The “BING! BING!” exhibition celebrates the material through the artists’ ultra-contemporary reinterpretation.

Want to mix culture and shopping? See you until 8 September 2021 at 35 avenue George V in Paris 8è.

© Louise Frydman, Bulles IV, 2021

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