The jewelry brand TEJEN has been founded in 2015 by two friend, who met at a fashion event and started a long time complicity.

Mark and Isabel, based in New York and Paris respectively, share both the taste of the beautiful things like strong values of transparency and integrity. They agree durable could be as much relevant in products as in brand’s philosophy.

We are proud they’re now part of our 1.618 community and participate to the creation of a sustainable Luxury ecosystem.

We love their jewels as modern as timeless, which can be handed down from generation to generation.

Stunning pieces charged with stories, and what stories! Those we love at 1.618: with 100% traceability, gold is only produced from Fairmined certified mines. Isabel and Mark are fervent defenders of mine workers and keep their purpose to develop fair trade in decent conditions. Really passionate, they avoid any collaboration pure consignment deals and control their entire supply chain, totally eco-responsible, from sourcing to distribution.

Learn more about this fascinating adventure in our 1.618 Guide where you’ll meet the two founders in an exclusive interview.

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