Did you know? The first European regulations in cosmetic sector have been created during 70’s, the last law made in 2013. Various constraints have been implemented regarding components, including natural ones. Alternatives have been done to face this issue but they are often very toxic.

Muriel Folmard-Kahn has a long experience on natural perfume and cosmetic sector. She is now the creative director of the Maison Eve & Daphnée and a fervent militant for unrefined products and beautiful “bio”. “A singular militant as I want to strive for this issue on the Luxury sector. This is how initiatives will impact more and more people.” She explains us some ingredients could be allergic factors but there is a minority of the population concerned about it.

There is a will to discredit natural products. 7 or 8 years ago a dossier was written to talk about them, showing awful pictures of distorted people, titling “here is what you could be consuming natural products.” In my opinion this kind of subject is an absolute non-sense.

Thus the citrus is classified as an allergen component, as well as eugenol from clove and rose. However, if we prohibit this last one, we won’t be able to use rose for any cosmetic products. These are really compelling issues for perfume sector and numerous professional think this is almost impossible to create a 100% natural perfume. “But I definitely can say this is wrong.

Rules force the brands to indicate every component, but they are mostly puzzling for consumers. If, like us, you would like to know what is Eugenol or Citral, you can see the INCI (International Nomenclature of Cosmetic Ingredients) list or visit the website lavéritésurlescosmé

New apps allow us to check if an ingredient is or not noxious, technologies proving that consumers are more and more demanding about transparency and healthy products. Maybe the best lobby to prohibit a maximum of toxic component!

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