The United Nations 70th General Assembly has designated 2017 as the International Year of Sustainable Tourism for Development.

Tourism is one a big issue for the country’s economy and can impact strongly local resources. It represents also a key sector for the development as it covers many various activities such as catering, hosting, travelling, architecture and more!

Here at 1.618 we are proud to support three amazing projects, Areias do Seixo in Portugal, Brazilian Txai Resorts and the coming “light  hotel trade” – code name SHELTER – which takes place in June at 30 km from Marrakech, facing the mountains of Atlas : carried by Edénismes, winner of the Sustainable Luxury Award 1.618 in 2010.

They are contributing to the Sustainable movement, establishing many actions for the protection of their environment, the integration of local communities, the sharing of local culture and values and promoting mutual understanding and peace.

Local raw materials, abundantly found in their region, solar energy largely used to produce electricity and hot water, routing system of rainwater for hotel’s gardens irrigation are as much sustainable initiatives.

Socially committed, they give priority to local regarding suppliers and employees. As well as the food supply, art craft and furniture are mostly purchased in small-town markets or directly from the producer.

For 1.618 Paris, this is a perfect vision of the New Luxury!

Don’t hesitate to go on our Guide to know more about all solutions our members have put in place and to check your next destination’s website for its involvement measures!

We’ll keep you informed about Shelter project… stay tuned!