Natural, handwoven and responsible products

Presented for the first time at the 1.618 Biennale, Juniper & Bliss is a home accessories and textiles brand born out of the environmental and ethical values of its founders, Katty Castiau and Yasmin Hossain.
By collaborating with socially respectful partners who are committed to the design of sustainable organic materials, dyed in workshop and zero-waste, the founders mark up a real desire to sustainably protect a traditional know-how, which allows them to develop a collection of exceptional quality.
Juniper & Bliss offers a collection of bedding, eco-printed dresses and upholstery fabrics, naturally-dyed fine cotton scarves and shawls, hand-knitted blankets, organic denim bags and nature prints. All their production takes place in a protected workshop in Belgium or internally, in their studios in Kent or Brussels.


News from the brand

The founders are delighted to welcome natural dye specialist and indigo artist Betty de Paris and Ethno Botanist Dr. Raj Puri to the Juniper & Bliss Advisory Board. It is invaluable for the brand to have their wisdom and know-how to make sure it always stay on track when it comes to sustainable and ethical issues around plant-use and best practices around natural dyeing.

Juniper & Bliss is also delighted to share with you the launch of a first indigo range, designed and produced by Betty de Paris in her studio, with the organic indigo made by herself in Corrèze. We can not wait to discover it!


Learn more about the history of the brand and its creations on the official website and in the 1.618 Guide.