1.618 NEWS | The 1.618 Team keeping busy before summer!



After a successful event in the Haut-Marais in Paris last April, 1.618’s schedule is filling up with meetings and trips leading towards beautiful encounters and new partnerships!

First stop: Belgium! We went there to approach the international growth of the 1.618 Paris Agency and the 1.618 Sustainable Luxury event.

Next: Switzerland! 1.618 was invited to Geneva to speak at a conference held by an international luxury group to present its vision and analysis of the luxury sector within 40 years. It has been a very positive day with fruitful cooperation and a shared conviction that luxury must be a leader on the issues related to our world’s future.

Then we did a round trip to Los Angeles to meet passionate people who share our vision of a New Luxury. Sustainable luxury strikes a responsive chord in the United States, through many initiatives and brands which we will soon tell you about!

New partnerships allow us to add a new feather to our cap: 1.618 Destinations. This new venture provides a solution to answer the need of travelers for luxurious and authentic experiences to nurture their spirits, bodies and souls. In September, you will have a glimpse of the unique destinations selected by our experts, from Southern France to Japan!

Eventually, to complete the journey, we attended the “Happy Business” event organized by Entrepreneurs d’Avenir and during which we had the chance to fly in “Le Ballon de Paris” above the André Citroën Park. A soft landing to better get back into the swing of things, bearing in mind Oscar Wilde’s quote: “Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss you will land among the stars.”


1.618 Paris is not only an agency but also a movement!

On July 10th we will host the BETWEEN US event, a networking event gathering the exhibitors, partners and speakers of the 4 editions of « 1.618 Sustainable Luxury ». They will have the privilege to discover our programming for this year in view of the 1.618 Sustainable Luxury 2015 event.