1.618 NEWS | A gastronomic adventure at 1.618

1.618 for the first time will highlight the world of food. We will celebrate artisans and entrepreneurs who are inspired by pure, natural ingredients and sustainability. Whose primary goal is to ensure that we are nourished with the highest quality ingredients. Visitors will be offered the opportunity to taste and purchase products from our selection of food partners and 1.618 food brands.

Introducing the selection of food brands that will be present at our event:

Our partner, the Group Thienot, established by Alain Thienot 30 years ago, will propose their champagne Canard-Duchêne. This champagne is a pure product of nature, benefiting from an exceptional placement in the hillsides of Ludes and is a result of a long standing family tradition, making it one of the most prestigious champagne brands. The Group Thienot’s commitment to sustainability and heritage is of utmost importance to the group and is a vision we share at 1.618.


From south of the border, Chef Market will present a diverse range of Spanish delicacies including charcuterie, gazpacho, fish, etc. to our visitors. Chef Market is the brain child of two friends, Vincent and Séverin, who met as students at the Institute Paul Bocuse. Together they hand-select local and artisan products and distribute them in France. Their goal is to represent the best in local and artisanal products accompanied by an exceptional level of service. Their passion for their métier will not be lost on our visitors who will be able to leave the event with Chef Market products in hand.


The gastronomic adventure continues with the Le Boulanger de Monge who will present their handmade selection of breads made from only the purest bio ingredients. Several lucky visitors, chosen by lotto, will have the opportunity to participate in ateliers sponsored by the boulangerie.

Established in the middle of the previous century, Le Boulanger de Monge has three locations (rue de Monge, rue des Gobelins and rue Mouffetard) which serve breads and pastries to the local community in Paris. Committed to the use of the best ingredients including a wide range of organic products, Le Boulanger de Monge made the choice in 2013 to return to its artisan roots by producing all the bread, pastries, tarts and cakes in its bakeries.

Thanks to a new professional team with a strong expertise in both entrepreneurship and baking, Le Boulanger de Monge is focused on developing their staff’s continuing education and cultivating their professional skills and know-how.


A journey to the Turkish hillside is in order with Le Bénéfique who will tantalize your taste buds and allow you to discover organic infusions of endemic plants. The tea is presented in the form of a sprig, which leads you to imagine that you had picked the plant yourself. Plants utilized by Le Bénéfique undergo no transformation except for a drying process and thus remain in its natural state.

Plants, well known for their benefits since antiquity, are handpicked sprig by sprig by nomads of the Ida and Taurus mountains of Turkey. Controlled and organic certified picking is a way to protect the plant biodiversity of this region and help the Yörük populations preserve their endangered traditional way of life.

Oysters are on the agenda as well from our 1.618 Brand, Seven by Tarbouriech, who farm oysters from their pond in Thau, in the south of France. Their business is driven by the need to protect a legacy and a trade for future generations in conditions that are ecological and socially responsible. An oyster farming family for over three generations, they are in tune to nature’s generosity but also its vulnerabilities. The oysters cultivated by the Tarbouriech family in innovative solar tides and who, after a 2 year period, are cradled to reproduce “waves” which serve to eliminate the rocky surface leaving a smooth and soft exterior that feels like silk when cupped in the palm of your hand. The oysters are presented in eco-conceived packaging that is recyclable and attractive and makes a perfect gift at your next dinner party!


Travel along the Spice route with Thiercelin, a family owned company who is in existence since 1809. Over seven generations of heritage passed down from father to son, the company has evolved from a distributor of vinegar to a specialist in saffron, vanilla, salts, truffles and olive oils sourced from across the globe. The company is distinguished by their deep understanding of their products and the protection of the purity of these basic materials thanks to an internal laboratory. We can only imagine the olfactory and visual festival that one will experience at our event!

Food plays an instrumental role in nourishing our mind, body and soul. Time is also a key element in food which is translated by culinary traditions passed along from generation to generation, to the time nature takes to develop these exceptional natural materials.

A Table as they say in France!