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“Next Generation Retail” Market Study – Order Today!

At our most recent 1.618 Sustainable Luxury event, 1.618 Paris and OpinionWay, an independent innovative market research organization, announced our collaboration on an upcoming luxury retail study, titled “Next Generation Retail”. The study will focus on the impact of technology on luxury brands’ physical retail stores across multiple categories from the perspective of the luxury consumer.

Like many sectors, including media and culture, retail must address changes imposed by the digital revolution. Even if the physical retail space’s existence is not in question, the fact that a certain number of retail spaces have failed illustrates the necessity for luxury retailers to pay closer attention and adapt accordingly.

In a day and age where e-commerce purchases are multiplying, including for luxury products from cars to jewelry, where “showrooming” is rising in popularity (the store serves only to prepare one’s online purchase) and an increasing presence of international clients online, we can legitimately question the future of the luxury boutique, not only their physical evolution but the role of the retail environment in terms of luxury consumers’ purchases.

OpinionWay, in association with 1.618 Paris, will survey a targeted population of high net worth who are avid consumers of luxury products and often frequent luxury retail boutiques across 4 countries: USA, Japan, France, and China. (**There is an option to add two additional countries, Brazil and Russia)

The study’s targeted population’s role is not to define the future of the luxury boutique, instead their feedback will allow us to better understand whether initiatives already present in luxury retail boutiques across the world have been welcomed, ignored or rejected. From this we can make an assessment as to the strengths and weaknesses of luxury retailers’ strategies and draw conclusions from that as to what should define next generation luxury retail.

The study will go one step further by questioning the 2,000 luxury consumers across the top 5 revenue segments within the four countries as to their relationship with 40 luxury brands which will serve to address overall brand awareness, customer retention and potential new customer opportunities.

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The study is currently available for purchase:

Early bird special rate4900 € before tax (until April 30th, 2014)
Normal rate5900 € before tax

The results the study is scheduled to be released beginning of June 2014.

If you are interested in purchasing the study, please contact:

Philippe Le Magueresse
Deputy CEO / Head of Marketing Department
(+33) 1 78 94 89 96

Nadia Auzanneau
Deputy managing / Marketing Department
(+33) 1 78 94 90 16

Annabelle Bouillon
Account Director
(+33) 1 78 94 90 13