Giving a piece of jewellery to someone or yourself is always a thrilling moment. Subject of admiration, desire and excitement, the art of jewellery is however an opaque and particularly fragmented chain.

Constantly looking for innovative solutions, JEM – Jewellery Ethically Minded perfectly knows the union of esthetical longevity and transparency.
The vision of the brand (with which we have been working since 2009) reflects a willingness of clarity, traceability and preservation of the French know-how.

Each piece designed by Jem is made from ethical gold, certified by the Fairminded Label. The certification attests the respect for Human Rights and applies the criteria of fair trade and an eco-friendly production. “Traceability, from mine to box” is the motto of Dorothée Contour, CEO of JEM, who insists on allocating a number to each of her jewels in order to retrace their journey.

Drawing the first lines of French ethical jewellery for nearly ten years, JEM does no forget the traditions that made France esteemed all over the world.
Each piece of JEM jewellery is manufactured in one of the most renowned jewellery studios located in the heart of Vosges, committed to a sustainable development policy and where the know-how perpetuated by exceptional craftsmen is transmitted from master to student.

JEM has an ever more demanding ethical outlook: sourcing and stone traceability are at the core of their questions, especially for diamonds, which sometimes go through more than ten intermediaries before the jewel case. One mission that the French of jewellery house has set for itself is to propose new solutions to introduce this gem in their collections.