OPINIONS | Isabelle Musnik


1.618 : “According to you, what is the future of luxury?”

Isabelle Musnik : “If I had to define tomorrow’s luxury, it would be in four words: authenticity, storytelling, digital and time.
Authenticity because luxury is rediscovering its esthetical, cultural, traditional, spiritual and generous values. Storytelling because now more than ever; luxury brands have stories to tell that inspire dreams. The era of brand content is far from over. Digital, because luxury brands will increasingly become true media platforms.
Time, as this will be the ultimate luxury.”

Isabelle Musnik, Fondatrice de INfluencia

Isabelle Musnik is the director and founder of the weekly e-magazine INfluencia that breaks down the major behavioral trends of our society since 2004. Its daily newsletter and trend book are sent out gratuitously to 70,000 communications professionals.