The second event in the series took place from 5 to 10 May 2010 in the Palais de Tokyo in Paris.
The cross-disciplinary selection of exhibitors was overwhelmed by an original setting – a blend of Earth, Water, Vegetation and Air.

As for the first event in this same Palais de Tokyo, the 2010 event gave exhibitors a platform to express their values of respecting expertise, heritage, transmission, research and innovation, transparency and exemplarity…

As an echo to this, the artists provided global reflection on the issues of sustainable development, while the series of conferences encouraged visitors to debate topics about our changing world.


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  • JEL

    Jewellery Ethical Luxury, est une marque pionnière du luxe éthique qui conçoit ses bijoux exceptionnels et responsables.

  • Parsua

    Créateur et éditeur de tapis, Parsua a délibérément choisi d’initier un concept de tapis Haute Couture “green”

  • Ragazze Ornamentali
    Ragazze Ornamentali

    Une nouvelle maison de luxe française & un nouveau concept fondée sur des valeurs de responsabilité sociale et environnementale.

  • Fregate Island Private
    Fregate Island Private

    Depuis toujours la raison d’être fondamentale de Frégate Island Private est la protection de la nature unique de l’île

  • Tesla Motors
    Tesla Motors

    Tesla Motors crée et manufacture des véhicules électriques au design, performances et efficience exceptionnels

  • Valcucine

    Le respect de l’environnement est le fil rouge, l’impératif éthique, qui sous-tend tous les projets Valcucine”

  • Cangiari

    Cangiari est la première marque italienne de haute couture dotée d’une importante mission de responsabilité sociale.

  • Valentine Gauthier
    Valentine Gauthier

    Lancée en 2007, Valentine Gauthier est une marque montante d’une jeune créatrice française.

  • Edenismes

    Edenismes est né en 2002 de la volonté de créer sur mesure (cousu main) des voyages d’art de vivre.

  • Absolution

    Tous les process de production de la marque Absolution respectent l’homme et l’environnement.


● Air Sur
● Guillemette
● Saazs
● Bi Scot
● Hôtel Fouquet’s Barriere
● Segway
● Cécile Planchais
● Natural Glam
● Tesla Motors

● Jel
● SheerinO’kho
● Coal
● John Paul et Lexus
● Six Senses
● Kuoni
● Czeers
● Mon Soin du visage
● Eco Luxury

● Elise Fouin
● Or project
● Ultra Light
● Valentine Gauthier
● Princesse Bora Lodge & SPA
● Fritsch & associés
● Ragazze Ornamentali
● Sony



150 members of HEC networks and 1.168 luxury industry players accepted the invitation to attend this private evening event.

They attended a round table on the topic ” Luxury and Sustainable Development, from Incantation to Action ” and then witnessed the presentation of the HEC & 1.618 Sustainable Luxury Award by a jury made up of members of the industry.

EDENISMES also received recognition for its innovative, daring and responsible work.

A “Coup de Coeur” Award was also given to Cangiari for its social work in Italy.


Jean-Noel Kapferer – Professor at HEC and European brand strategist
Cirylle Vigneron – Directeur Général Europe, Cartier
Natalie Rastoin – Directeur Général, Ogilvy
Peter O.Wirth – Hotel Manager & Consultant in the hotel industry
Pierre Cornette de Saint Cyr – Auctioneer and Museum Director
Edouard François – Architect

Contemporary Art Exhibition

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Panorama – Plastic Arts Exhibition – 11 artists
Through the Panorama Exhibition, 1.618 continued its overview of a generation of artists with a shared ethical and esthetic approach to sustainable development issues.

Panorama gave visitors a 360° view of their immediate environment through an urban diorama of crossed perspectives on housing, transport, furniture and green areas. The artists presented do their work in the context of daily life, infiltrating and disturbing social and economic networks, short-circuiting urban development policies, recycling objects from daily use and discrediting the stereotypes of escapade and mobility in favour of a poetic viewpoint on vagrancy and vulnerability.

They confront us with the paradoxes inherent in our urban way of life, somewhere between escapism and rushing headlong into the future.

Commissariat : Lauranne Germond (www.projetcoal.fr) en collaboration avec Audrey Bertounesque

The artists

● Pauline Bastard
● Collectif HeHe
Georges-Pascal Ricordeau
● Julien Berthier

Neil Beloufa
● Vincent Ganivet
● Aurélie Slonina

● Stéphane Vigny
● Andrea Blum
● Naziha Mestaoui & Yacine Aït Kaci

A video programme ran alongside the Panorama Exhibition. This was screened at the Palais du Tokyo and broadcast all throughout the event in Souvenirs From Earth TV, the first High Definition television channel to be completely devoted to video Art.

Carte Blanche was given to the Atopic Festival – a Digital Arts Exhibition, as suggested by Margherita BALZERANI, for Human Atopic Space.
● Laura Mannelli
● Albertine Meunier
Julien Levesque

Conferences and Screenings

8 conferences were organised on topics as varied as:

Conservation of expertise, Water Management, new forms of mobility, new tourist horizons, committed Art, consumer behaviour changes, communication in sustainable development or the creation of sustainable values.

Between round tables, 1.618 also offered streaming of artists’ films in partnership with the first High Definition television channel dedicated to video art – Souvenirs From Earth TV – and also the screening of various documentaries selected by the International Environmental Film Festival.


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  • Carole Balducci - Helfer
    Carole Balducci - Helfer

    Chargée de Mission auprès du directeur général Fondation WWF

  • Alice Audouin
    Alice Audouin

    Auteur Ecolocash. Responsable Développement Durable Groupe Havas

  • Caroline Sallé
    Caroline Sallé

    Journaliste Reporter Responsable “Pages Vertes” / le Figaro

  • Lionel Ochs
    Lionel Ochs

    Ethnologue Méthos

  • Jean-Jacques Picart
    Jean-Jacques Picart

    Consultant Mode & Luxe / JJP Conseils

  • Nathalie Arnould
    Nathalie Arnould

    Chef de Projet Design & Environnement – Cité du Design de Saint-Étienne

  • Sylvain Lambert
    Sylvain Lambert

    Associé responsable de l’activité de conseil en développement durable de PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC).

  • Ugo Toselli
    Ugo Toselli

    Associé / Eco2initiative Services For Sustainable Development

  • Patricia Ricard
    Patricia Ricard

    Présidente de l’Institut océanographique Paul Ricard / Les Mardis de l’Environnement

  • Cécile Lochard
    Cécile Lochard

    Citizen Luxury / Conseil en Développement Durable et Philanthropie


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