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LuxDesirability, the equation of the dream

« The understanding of luxury, the equation of the dream, the paths of desirability »

For this 16th LuxBox edition, Jean-Noël Kapferer (co-author of Luxe Oblige, member of the HEC & 1.618 Sustainable Luxury Award jury) and Pierre-Valette Florence launched, over a year ago, a substantive research on the understanding of today’s luxury.
The luxury ideology has radically evolved but how is luxury understood by its customers? What are the different types of customers and which are the paths of desirability?
How does the desire for luxury build itself in the era of a paradoxically abundant scarcity?
The Lux Desirability study will give you all the answers to these questions.

Jean Noel Kapferer is membre of the HEC & 1.618 Sustainable Luxury Award jury.

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