OPINIONS | Alexandre Gauthier


1.618 : “According to you, what is the future of luxury?”

Alexandre Gauthier : “We must return to simpler values for luxury. Tomorrow’s luxury is about humility, sobriety, elegance and attention to detail.
Today’s society goes too fast and sanitizes everything to create a life that superficially seems easier, yet that lacks texture and truth. Tomorrow’s luxury should help us rekindle lost or forgotten emotions.
That is why I love the brands of passing time. In my opinion, nothing is more beautiful than a bag of skated leather or a pair of shoes marked by wear.
At the restaurant, my tables are created in this spirit: made from non-treated natural wood, they age at the rhythm of the customers that dine on them.
Space is also an integral part of my vision of luxury, but the kind of space that coherently manages to tell a story.
The luxury of the future would thus refer to places and objects that help individuals refocus on their lives, their loved ones and their purest desires.”

Alexandre Gauthier, Chef at La Grenouillère

At 32, Alexandre Gauthier is among the most highly acclaimed young chefs of new cuisine, as attested by the best food guides : 15/20 Gault&Millau, elected “Tomorrow’s Greatest 2007”, 1 Michelin star, 17.5/20 by the Champérard guide, Omnivore 2006 revelation and Omnivore 2009 Creator of the Year.