If you have a sudden urge to free yourself from the Parisian snow or escape to a sunny place for Valentine’s Day, we’ve got in reserve the timeless and eco-responsible accessory you need, coming straight from South Africa.

Member of our Community since 2017, Ballo, which we remind you means “dance” in Italian, is an ethical South African sunglasses brand made of recycled wood (from recycled paper and wood, all bound by a bio resin ) with a fun spirit and a simple and uncluttered design.

Since its creation in 2013, the brand’s commitments combine innovation, sustainable development and functionality. Successful singularity, Ballo is in its field, the only sunglasses manufacturer that use such a variety of recycled and upcycled materials to design its frames.

Made in nude wood, African print or revo mirror, there are plenty of choices according to one’s desires and all are as esthetically beautiful as the others. Building on its success, the brand has diversified its range and is also creating T-shirts made from hemp and other fashion accessories.

The world definitely looks better through Ballo.