We celebrate Luxury in the 21st century and the power of creative innovation.
We believe that creativity and beauty are at the heart of change.
Audacity, impertinence and liberty can move mountains.

It’s time to respond to a society in search of answers.


A more harmonious society and open new avenues to a more dynamic world economy.

1.618 is an international network of luxury professionals and consumers which promotes the exchange of ideas, information and networking and also serves as a bridge between the creative industry and consumer demands to foster sustainable development.

1.618 is convinced that sustainable development is compatible with Creation, Quality and Aesthetics.
We promote sustainable luxury brands on an international scale and provide direct access to the public.


1.618 is a mathematical proportion that represents universal harmony.
Nature, creation and beauty at the service of a world in constant mutation.

Since 2007, the essence of 1.618 continues to drive and give meaning to our core activities. We’re in a constant state of observance, analysis and research of projects which represent the values of 1.618 and who by definition are influencing the future of luxury and of our world.

Luxury is in a state of reinvention, returning to its roots and incorporating the intangible, the emotional, the importance of the experience, the richness of an exchange. It’s refocusing on creativity and creating stronger connections between the world it inhabits.

The road to sustainability has obstacles, but those force us to become more creative and permit new synergies. Those individuals who are engaged in the discovery and the solutions are our inspiration and motivate us in our work.

Behind each product selected by 1.618 there’s a touching human story – simultaneously authentic and desirable. It’s not enough to have a desirable product, consumers want to understand the story behind that product. They want to connect and feel they are part of the success and the dream.

1.618 honors creatives, innovators, thinkers and entrepreneurs around the world who are working towards a more sustainable future through our Sustainable Luxury event and digital guide. Their story is as much our own and re-enforces the idea that creation is at the heart of all success and innovation is an exceptional motor.

1.618 is for them and every single one of us. We’re thrilled to share our passion with you and we invite you to participate in this adventure with us.

Contact us with projects and products that 1.618 should know about – join in on the conversation on Facebook and Twitter – and help us spread the word!

Barbara Coignet
Founder of 1.618 Paris



In our opinion, Luxury in the 21st Century must be above all creative, aesthetic, ethical and intangible.

Luxury is founded in the appreciation of the rare, in the notion of time, heritage, respect, and emotion...

Luxury is a reflection of:
Changes in society
Research and innovation
The desire to preserve and respect natural resources
Self-discovery through the object
The expression of the creative imagination
Respect for human rights
Preservation of heritage



1.618, known as the golden ratio, has nourished our society’s imagination since the Renaissance period.

First observed in nature, 1.618 continues to inspire scholars, scientists, artists and architects to this day

The golden ratio’s influence is present in nature and human creativity; in the lines of the trees, the form of a shell, the Parthenon’s architecture, the work of Leonardo de Vinci and Corbusier, Chopin’s music and many others.

The golden ratio symbolizes universal harmony and serves as a constant reminder of the ultimate goal we are all working towards.