1.618 is the golden ratio, the reference proportion of beauty and universal harmony. Originated from the observation of nature, it has this little imperfection that makes the most beautiful things to the eye.

1.618 is the new equation of Luxury
Sustainability is the New Luxury!

Since 2009, 1.618 is also the name of our movement, which identifies and promotes companies, initiatives, luxury and premium brands, committed to sustainable development. Those who find solutions, innovate and reinvent the process to develop and produce a different type of high quality service or product. These young and older companies share a determined vision to participate in the evolution of our society.

The committed company is the new desirable company.

In the 21st century, luxury is engaged, responsible, accessible and transparent. It touches our consciences, provokes emotion and accepts the imperfection at the service of common good: to respect and preserve the beauty of the world, the man and the Planet. Modern luxury has realized that today’s dream is elsewhere.

The 1.618 Biennale
will highlight the best of these sustainable and desirable initiatives. See you in June!