This week we are greeting the Canadian cosmetic brand Virginia Stone inside our 1.618 community! This involved apothecary is always inspired by nature beauty to create high quality skin care.

Natural & transparent: Virginia Stone is using only natural ingredients, also really respectful for the environment. Leaves, roots, flowers are all base materials grown in organic and sustainable farms without any GMO. Each component is well described on the website, as well as the sensibility degree for each type of skin.

Innovative: The brand offers 100% ethical products, from cream to packaging. We specially love the genuine box, made from sand, stone or coal. The wraping is perfectly certified and recyclable.

Passionate and committed: For Virginia Stone the perfect harmony is spread between Human and Nature. Strong believer to fair trade, the brand is involved in many worldwide initiatives in order to support local communities in term of wage, education or cultural exchange. More, for each skin care bought, a tree and wildflower seeds are planted.

Dive into our Guide inside which the founder is sharing with us the philosophy and soul of Virginia Stone.

A philosophy promoting purity, innate, inspired by nature while preserving it.

The new luxury as 1.618 is conceiving it, between innovation and tradition, beauty and resources respect. Our skin is getting ready to use this ointment full of values and stories!

You can as of now find the cream on our e-shop for a delightful Christmas gift… Happy holidays!