Innocent Stone, founded in 2016 by Stéphane Wulwik, is a new jewelry brand, but more than that!

His founder is really convinced that lab-grown diamond is the right answer to social and environmental issues of mining production. Man-made on laboratories, the chemical composition and crystalline structure are exactly the same than natural diamond.

That way Innocent Stone wishes to take the lead of a 100% eco-responsible jewelry, filling the expectations to more and more demanding consumers. To promote this innovating technology various collaborations and co-brandings are planned with designers for whose Innocent Stone Diamond is a great certification of an ethical and sustainable consumption.

That’s not all! In order to develop and further his approach, Stéphane chose recycled gold: “Existing gold stocks currently represent more than 65 years worth of production. It is pointless to use new gold.” he told us.

We have been very seduced by the innovation and the boldness of Innocent Stone: would it be the alternative to scarcity of natural resources and to terrifying mining working conditions?

Stéphane reveals us his bias and the exact purposes of his brand into a passionate interview he answered for our 1.618 Guide.