Fiddle Hammer

FIDDLE + HAMMER, this name sounds pretty strange at first however it represents perfectly its founder. Violinist and sculptor, Jordan Waraksa has decided to mix his two passions and opened his store at Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

On the west side of Michigan Lake, this inspired creator for whom aesthetic and sustainable is a key interest, is strongly passionate about wood. Regarding materials he is using, we have been more than enthusiastic: his wooden speaker is made from old Whiskey and Tequila barrels.

An innovative and surprising idea!

An item which has an history and design shaking and inspiring us.
Let’s imagine yourself on a lakeshore, surrounded by forests, sharing a natural experience in the middle of nowhere but everywhere at the same time, ruled peacefully by familiarity and well being. Jordan’s handmade creations foster easily this feeling of fullness. And amplify it, as with the Bellaphone, the Gramophone wooden speaker.

Connected with any tools (mobile phone, computer…) this superbly ornamented loudspeaker in a uncommon wood allows an exclusive and immersive audio quality.

Fiddle + Hammer was last August at 1.618 curation during Northmodern – Copenhague – and we had the chance to test it! We are definitely able to say without a risk that music is magnified!

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Happy end of year’s holidays!