The 1.618 community is growing! Today we greet Elseways, the modern vision of the medieval merchant.

Its founders, one Italian, the other French, had the idea to create the company while travelling in the gorgeous Puglia region.

The first one, Claudia, who’s also a bio-energy therapist, is devoted to the well-being and positive energies transmission, shares joy of life and happiness. The second one, Réjane, passionate by culture has been working in a theatre and in the French Ministry for National Education. Nature inspires her as well as a big discussion with family or friends and enjoys any moments, full of curiosity.

On the Southern Italy’s roads, the two friends meet many artisans and artists with various “savoir-faire”, from whom technics and stories fascinating them. They exchange, stand in amazement in front of each raw materials, of the weight of the tradition given to all the creations as beautiful as ancestral. Consequently they decided to promote and give visibility to these Métiers d’Art, giving them modernity and socio-environmentally vision.


Elseways is born, a stunning itinerant peddler of ethical and ecological products. Delightful design, beauty, fashion limited editions beyond several tips if we’d like to visit the area. More, they launched their “cercle culturel” sharing local exhibitions or movies!

With their strong passion, the two women will make us discover various collections from other European countries.
Find out more about all these flavours, pictures and experiences in Claudia and Réjane’s interview on our 1.618 Guide.

Happy traveling!