The 1.618 Guide is thrilled to welcome a new brand full of Soul, coming directly from the heights of the unspoilt lands of Patagonia: Pülü.
In the Mapuche language, Pülü means Soul.

A meaningful name reflecting the brand’s philosophy and its origins. Arnaud and Charlotte Rébuffat, originators of the Pülü story, are fascinated by the austral lands, and have designed a line of accessories that celebrate the raw Beauty of Nature while exalting a local, rare, technical and precious material, the Guanaco wool.

Emblematic of Patagonia and a symbol of total freedom, The Guanaco wool is a fiber sought after for its thinness, its exceptional thermal properties and its extreme softness. It is therefore in the respect of this fragile environment and this unique animal that the Pülü collection was created. Valuing handmade designs and getting back to the true value of time by not giving in the ephemeral trends of fashion, Pülü makes its collection in renowned Italian workshops where the fiber can express its full potential.

A luxurious collection created as an ode to Nature that wrap our heart and soul up in a world of softness.


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