PROJET SHELTER : A veil of luxury in nature

We all dream of an ideal place, a paradise, an Eden … a tropical beach, a remote cabin encircled by nature, a night under the stars … the structures of well-being are multiple but a consensus can be made around the “intimate sphere”, one’s “home sweet home”, the return to nature. This is the daring challenge that has guided the team of Project Shelter for 10 years, developing an eco-responsible, luxurious “nest hotel” in three various natural environments: the forest, the desert, the ocean.

Here is the complexity of Project Shelter, to virtuously unveil nature while ensuring a high level of services, optimal comfort and luxury to its guests. A virtuous concept of a lightweight hotel, perfectly integrated into a biosphere, a protected natural area. A room where the adaptability, the modularity of a wooden structure, combines with the lightness, the brightness of a canvas. An establishment that combines tradition and innovation around “green” and solar technologies. A table and chefs revealing all the flavors of a high-end gastronomy and an organic bakery. A bio-spa (with Nuxe), dedicated to the well-being of the soul and the body. An environment with creative happenings (with 1.618 Paris). An intimate, sensory and unique experience.

The beauty of an idea is transcended in the realisation of a project. The first stage of the Shelter project is currently taking shape in the Marrakech region at the foot of the Atlas mountains with the creation of a first prototype suite / lounge for 2 or 4 guests, a spa and a table for 10 to 20 people. And if sustainable luxury requires guidance, responsible visions for the long term, it will already be present in our daily reflections.