1.618: “According to you, what is the future of luxury?”

Tristan Lecomte : “Luxury will be ethical and responsible or it won’t be. Luxury is an attitude and a certain way to look at the World, based on values and the desire to transcend reality. Creating beautiful things from what the World has the best to offer, requires to preserve and regenerate these precious, rare and often fragile resources. True Luxury consists in valuing Ecosystems’ and Men’s Best on the long run. This engages us toward transgenerational solidarity. It is necessary if we want Luxury to continue to make us dream tomorrow…”

Biography :

Tristan Lecomte, Founder & CEO of Pur Projet

Tristan founded Alter Eco, a leading organic and fair trade band and Pur Projet which he now leads. Pur Projet is a collective organization assisting companies to regenerate the ecosystems they depend upon, to make their supply chains and business sustainable. Main way to achieve these goals is by integrating agro-ecological practices, like agroforestry, within the supply chains (planting trees within agricultural fields).