1.618: “According to you, what is the future of luxury?”

Giusy Bettoni: “CLASS started its activity in 2007 with a strong belief: sustainability is not just an important and essential value for our contemporary world, it is also a dimension that has to be integrated into the fashion paradigm such as design, beauty, innovation in order to offer a new level of quality to fashion collections.

This evolution is in seeing the fashion collection as having something more to offer rather than something less! This is a new concept of luxury that means the possibility to create a new level of quality with “fashion ingredients“ that enable fashion designers to deliver the best of their creativity!

Quality to us means exclusivity, uniqueness and the search for the latest & smartest innovation. Guaranteeing an identity, an history that is always a GOOD one and responsible one.
At CLASS we have always been good story-tellers but what we are really proud of is that -together with our smart partners- we are now also great story-makers.”

Biography :

Giusy Bettoni, founder of C.L.A.S.S

Giusy Bettoni, a textile professional with over 30 years experience, founded C.L.A.S.S. in 2007. It is a new kind of global network showcasing exclusive fashion, textiles and materials using smarter sustainable technologies for fashion, industry and business. Bettoni began with a “hands-on” experience in raw material market development with branding and communication for major international organizations.

The last 10 years she has focused on communicating the key competitive advantage for responsible innovation in textiles for fashion and lifestyle.