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1.618 :“According to you, what is the future of luxury?”

Eric Bazin: « To me, luxury will be educational, loving and shared. Indeed, it is essential for luxury to convey the values of humanity and education, which are too often jeopardized. Luxury should be love, because luxury is like flesh, feeling, taste, smell, intense emotion!
Finally, luxury is Freedom. Desirable and democratic. »

Eric Bazin, Journalist and Founder of Ateliers de la Terre

Eric Bazin has been a journalist for 25 years and works with many European magazines like Paris Match, Sunday Times, Stern, Airone and Géo. His need to go beyond the written word and be more useful was the impetus for Les Ateliers de la Terre. Founded in 2006, with his friend George J. Gendelman, a wine enthusiast, this think tank is dedicated to sustainable development and organizes several major events around the world, including Rabat, Pointe-Noire and Paris at UNESCO’s offices in June 2013.
His experience working abroad, primarily in Africa, has had a profound influence on M. Bazin, father of two, who continues to seek out opportunities to engage with different types of people and cultures and share in their destiny.

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