THE 1.618 GUIDE:


Positive Design.

Fritsch-Durisotti: The global design studio in search for a balance between the humanity and her environment. The 3 managers (Antoine Fritsch, Vivien Durisotti and Thierry Costes) give the core elements of their projects in the agency:
An original approach : the testing phase is practiced in real time within the agency.
A signature : the creations are simple and eloquent in terms of image and durability.
A constant : the human dimension nourishes projects.


Eve & Daphnée

“Charitable by Nature, Natural by Luxury, Luxurious by Essence”.

The Guide is proud to have this new fragrance brand among its “well-being” selection which writes its first story lines with 1.618! Discover their commitments in the perfume making, and fall in love with the creation of Delphine Thierry, perfumer for Eve & Daphnée “Tentation 1 Contre Lui ” – Available exclusively on the 1.618 e-shop

GuideE1Eve & Daphnée


They share their story…

The team has decided to personally interview the people behind the amazing brands in our 1.618 guide and to let them express with their own words the stories of their brands, their goals, their wishes… and their doubts too! Create a brand, maybe even more so in the ‘sustainable luxury’ field is an epic adventure. Rebounds, failures, but mostly great achievements… They now share their stories with you.

Discover the first very instructive brands’ secrets in the 1.618 Guide and share their wonderful stories.
De Gris
Anna Moltke-Huitfeldt
Marina Vaptzarov