Electrique, style et performance au service de la I-Pace

Jaguar has relied on the elegance of its design and outstanding performance to enchant the world for 80 years. The brand exhibited at the 1.618 Biennale its brand new 100% electric model, the I-PACE, bringing together all the modern qualities of an SUV: agile, powerful, technological and attractive.

This first Jaguar electric vehicle offers performances equal to a sports car, the latest onboard technologies and the practicality of a 5-seats SUV. Its main technical features are already praised by the international press: its autonomy of 480km, its 400hp for 696Nm torque and   0-100km/h in just 4.8s are, among other things, elements that make the Jaguar I -PACE a revolution in the electric world.

A free trial of the Jaguar I-Pace, organized at the 1.618 Biennale, allowed visitors to discover new sensations aboard the electric vehicle: performance of its electric motor, quality of its design and comfort.

You also have the opportunity to discover the I-Pace model, available from 78 380€, with all the other electric models of the brand, and to book your free trial directly on the official website.

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