EDEN DIODATI : Ethical jewelry
and philanthropist luxury

We are happy to count Eden Diodati within the 1.618 Community.

Eden Diodati is an ethical jewelery brand, meeting the progressive philanthropy and committed luxury for the modern woman.

In addition to a collaboration with an extraordinary cooperative of women who survived the genocide of Rwanda, Eden Diodati studies and designs ambitiously the use of gold fair in the process of plating his jewelry.

Jennifer Ewah, the founder, says the brand is positioning itself as a pioneer in the use of “Fairtrade” gold in Europe. The use of Swarovski crystals for jewelry design is also an insurance that the gems used do not come from conflict areas.

More than a unique aesthetic experience, a piece by Eden Diodati is a declaration of compassion, a label of love combining luxury, sustainability, beauty and philanthropy.

That’s why it has a place in the community 1.618!

Coming soon in our Guide.