CHA LING : The spirit of tea combined
with the spirit of the 21st century

Imagine a cosmetics House born out of an ecological dream:
the protection of the oldest tea, China’s real Pu’Er.

From its cradle in Yunnan, in the heart of millennial forests preserved from generation to generation, CHA LING, the new House of Pu’Er tea cosmetics, developed by LVMH research and manufactured in France, offers all the anti-oxidizing and detoxifying properties of this millenary tea. CHA LING “the spirit of tea” has focused on a very advanced approach in terms of sustainable development: no overpacks, refill proposals, formulas – obviously -without parabens or silicones, an organic certification in progress and an ambitious program to protect local forests and populations.

We tested the products and exquisite treatments and had the honor to see for ourselves if all this was authentic.. The answer: yes, and it’s beyond what we could have imagined from a big luxury group. Cha Ling derives its innovation from nature, with authenticity and respect, in a new idea of ​​the Luxury, that so dear to us at 1.618.

We will tell you more about our journey and our experience in Yunnan with CHA LING “the spirit of tea”, very soon. In the meantime, you can (re) discover the brand and treat yourself to a cocooning treatment and an initiation to fall rituals at the Bon Marché in Paris until November 5th.