What if you could recover a state of wellness using colors and energy…?
mycoocoon invites you to a full experience into the world of colors.
For that, see you in London!!!


During the “1.618 Event – 2014”, at the Carreau du Temple, last April, Valérie Corcias and Dominique Kelly, the founders came to showcase their innovating project in preview: mycoocoon.

mycoocoon is a holistic vision of wellbeing and delivers a new lifestyle experience by offering to come back to a state of harmony within ourselves and take the time to feel rested. It is an essential piece of luxury, a source of energy and vitality using colors.


mycoocoon, but still…

Today, our consumption habits are shifting; we are looking for new experiences contributing to improve our wellbeing.

The mycoocoon experience is based on chromo-therapy, a treatment according to which each person is attracted by a color that soothes him or her, bringing balance at an energy level and awakening the senses.

The colors affect us by the energy they transmit, they can help us balance our energies and find harmony within ourselves, as well as balancing our relationship with our environment. This is the Bio-empathy of colors.


A sensorial and spiritual experience …

Colors shift thus creating a moment of relaxation, combining with sounds and aromas for a complete the experience.

mycoocoon is an “organic immersion” in a light of colors. In order to balance the “color” energy of the visitors, the cocoons are specifically designed to offer a bath of light through “biocompatible” lights, immersing the whole body in key colors, which sequences and rhythm were previously tailored to every person’s need.


mycoocoon associates ancestral cares with today’s technology

During the Antiquity era, and in many cultures, in Egypt, in China, in India, colors were tools to heal and means to awaken the spiritual power of a person.

Where to go to live the mycoocoon experience…?

After the “1.618 event -2014” and Milan’s Furniture Fair, mycoocoon will be present in London at Designersblock, from the 18th until the 21st September (22 Clerknwell Green – London EC1R ONA), as well as in the Sketch a “must go” restaurant(9, Conduit Street – London W1S 2XG).

Very soon, the mycoocoon immersion spaces will be available for discovery in hotels, spas, lounges of airports or in companies….

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