ART | Eugène Riconneaus, homage to Daniel Buren



On the occasion of the exhibition by Daniel Buren, “defined, finite, infinite” being held at the art center MaMo – orchestrated by Ora-Ïto on the roof of the Marseille “Cité Radieuse” – Eugene Riconneaus whiz kid of shoe-making wanted to pay tribute to the artist by create a small line.

That is how 5 shoes steeped into the world of Daniel Buren and his obsession for the lines.

In 2013, 1.618 Paris spotted the talent and commitment of the Frenchy and presented his work for 1 year in the 1.618 Guide.
In this collection, there is the spirit of the Buren columns that Parisians know so well declined in a line of unique shoes. Eugene Riconneaus chose for the occasion to revisit one of his cult models, Annabelle, in summer colors: raspberry, almond green and celadon blue.

Visitors will also have the pleasure of discovering other artys models as “slip-on” and also striped tennis that are the reminiscent of the love of the creator for the world of skateboarding. Each pair is a single copy edited and signed by hand.

The collection of the five Eugene Riconneaus tribute shoes to Daniel Buren is now exposed in the concept store “Chez Moi, Paris” and on the roof of the Cité Radieuse.