Generation Y and luxury – Meeting with Eric Briones


1.618 recently met Eric Briones, also known by the name of Darkplanneur.

Eric Briones, Director of strategic planning at “Publicis et Nous” where he has worked for the biggest international groups, is also the founder of the website Darkplanneur ( for which he interviewed people like François Hollande, the rapper Oxmo Puccino and Fred&Farid.

This year, he publishes a book co-written with Grégory Casper in cooperation with MeltyGroup:
« Generation Y and Luxury »

His encounters and reflections gave consistency to the book, in which Eric Briones focuses on « GenY », a generation who loves and buys luxury products but requires them to transform and adapt to its needs.

The starting point of his work is the observation that the luxury market is undergoing great changes and constantly redefined with the imminent arrival of a crucial target by 2018-2020, Generation Y.

This generation is of strategic importance for luxury industries. Good news! « GenY love luxury », the authors claim. Nevertheless, they demand transparency, that brands justify the market value of their products and tell their stories. According to Eric Briones, the luxury product must be the « perfect purchase ».

« A 83 % of the 18-30 year-old do not find shocking the purchase of a luxury product in times of economic crisis » according to a Meltygroup study in 2013.


Compulsive and thrifty buyers, fans et rebels, the new consumers will decide on the future of the luxury sector. So, what does a consumer Y look like? A « rebel with a cause » – Eric quotes.

To them, the word « luxury » is sometimes associated with meaningless marketing because of the «Masstige» trend of the years 2000. It is with a view to regain credibility among this defying and rebellious generation that luxury brands must prove their worth to an increasingly informed buyer Y.

Ethical and environmental values are even more significant in the minds of young people who are more and more sensitive to the issues related to sustainable development. 1.618 couldn’t agree more on this assessment. « GenY » wants to create its own luxury, which is experiential and without complexes, « plural and free ». Brands will have to « GenYfie » as quickly as possible because Generation Z is already knocking on the door.

« By combining the technological revolution initiated by GenY and the absolute necessity to protect the environment, should Generation Y not change the world, the Generation Z will.»


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