The luxury report of «THE FUTURE LABORATORY» is now available!

Launched on September 4th, the “Futures reports 2014” announces the major trends and changes that luxury brands will have to make the both in the way they handle their relationship with their consumers and in terms of retail or technology.

1.618 Paris had the luck to discover it in avant-première at the annual conference of Design Hotels on September 19th in Stockholm.


The Future Laboratory was established in 2001 to provide various tools, techniques and strategies oriented to customers like BMW, HSBC, Louis Vuitton, Chanel or Selfridges, all waiting for forward-thinking solutions.

This report presents an overview of the trends that sweep the landscape of contemporary luxury. It explores the mindset of luxury consumers, from the comeback of millenary traditions to the boom of Middle East, while providing essential information on all major “hotspots” of global luxury.


It presents an in-depth analysis and tools that will enable brands to be “innovative, creative and pioneer” in the Luxury industry! At 1.618 Paris we share the same vision and defend these beliefs through ours annual 1.618 EVENT created in 2009 and our 1.618 GUIDE released in 2013.

The world is changing and so is luxury!

To learn more, here it is: