Paris Collaborative Budget Initiative


Discover collaborative projects selected by the Parisians for 2015!

Open from September 24th to October 1st, the Paris Collaborative Budget Initiative has allowed all residents, without limitation of age or nationality, to give their support to up to 5 projects.

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How does the Collaborative Budget works

20M€ – 15 projects for Paris – 1 week to vote

To vote, you had to…

Go on the website: or go to one of the 200 poll stations set in municipal facilities.


9 out of 15 projects were selected by the Parisians.

They concern as much “co-working students-entrepreneurs initiatives” as “giving back the streets to children” or “growing vegetables in schools!”

Find out more about them here:

The good news!

These projects will be implemented as soon as 2015.

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1.618 Paris is pleased to notice that on top of the selected projects, almost one fourth of the 40.745 votes (8.734) went for the support of the project “Artworks take back the streets” which will be awarded a 3M€ budget.

It tickled our attention that during the 1.618 Hors les Murs organized as part of the Sustainable Development Week, in partnership with the City Hall and the “Carreau du Temple”, 1.618 Paris presented the Parisians with 3 artistic and educational exhibitions that were held in the streets of the 3rd district of Paris!

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Photo Exhibition “Slow Photography” – Paris 3rd – Around the Temple square

Urban Exhibition “Contramundo” – rue des Vertus (Paris 3rd)

Elyx Party Participatory Exhibition of the artist YAK and his little character Elyx – on the outer walls of the City Hall of the 3rd district.

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Will there be another edition of the collaborative budget?  

The answer is YES!  Except that now, it’s the Parisians themselves that can propose their own projects throughout the city of Paris, or for their neighborhood!

The conditions?

These projects, after a control and a budgeting by the directions of the city of Paris, will be submitted to a vote each September and those who receive the most votes will be implemented during the term of the office.

What’s new?

With this plan, YOU can be the new “actors of your city”!

Just in France?

NO! This movement goes far beyond our borders: New York, Porto Alegre, Sevilla, Toronto or Berlin.

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