1.618 NEWS | Rethinking Luxury


Rethinking Luxury:
How to Market Exclusive
Products and Services in an
Ever-Changing Environment

This latest tome from Martin C. Wittig, Roland Berger, Fabian Sommerrock, Philip Beil of the international consultancy firm Roland Berger and Markus Albers, contributing editor at Monocle magazine, serves as a handbook as to how to win the attention of affluent consumers and ignite their passion for rare and bespoke products. Our very own Barbara Coignet, Founder of 1.618 Paris was interviewed for this book in which she presents her definition of luxury and the importance of future luxury products which incorporates sustainability into their core values.

The book details how the luxury market was once a bastion, protected from swings in the economy and from changing consumer tastes. Yet, recent global economic shifts have caused the foundation of the luxury industry to experience the first-ever structural changes to the once-untouchable sector. The book includes scientific research documenting the transformation through exclusive insider information, as well as case studies highlighting what works now and what’s likely to continue working in the future.

If this book is of interest to you, we know where you can find it. Just follow the link: www.amazon.com/Rethinking-Luxury