1.618 SELECTION | Solantu, the sun – Biotherm, water

Biotherm and Solantu bring nature’s essentials to the heart of 1.618

1.618 will present two inspired brands both of whom are born of the most essential and basic ingredients that nature has to offer, water and sun. Biotherm will present their Water Lovers Initiative and Solantu, whose name comes from the sun, will present for the first time its inaugural line of exquisite fashion accessories made from Caiman skins at our event.

Water gives life to Biotherm

Water is the origin of life. Mostly unexplored, the earth’s waters are rich with millions of microorganisms, plankton and algae. Because they share specific biological characteristics and affinity with our skin, aquatic active ingredients have the remarkable ability to regenerate, repair and protect it.

A pioneer in skin biology since 1952, Biotherm uses the incredible force of these aquatic ingredients in advanced skincare solutions. Through their expertise in Blue Biotechnology, they infuse these powerful actives in unparalleled fresh and pleasurable textures for a healthy sustainable beauty.

With water-sourced actives at the core of its skincare expertise, Biotherm launches the Water Lovers initiative and commits to the preservation of the Earth’s waters and aquatic life through internal and external actions. At the center of our involvement, their Charter of Development integrates several commitments on the ingredients and processes we use, the formulas we create and the packaging we design in order to improve continuously our environmental profile.

Sun at the origin of Solantu

Solantu is a sustainable luxury brand, created by Silvia Gold and her husband, which specializes in the investigation, design and commercialization of exceptional objects and accessories made of responsibly harvested exotic woods and crocodile leather. Each piece produced reflects our philosophy of 360° sustainability, a steadfast commitment to the environment and the responsible handling of nature’s resources.

Solantu’s story began with the cycle of nature which, as all life, depends on the sun: it is a combination of two words meaning ‘sun’, the Spanish ‘sol’ and ‘antu’, from the Mapuche language.

Solantu has chosen 1.618 Sustainable Luxury to present their first ever collection of fashion accessories made of Caiman crocodile leather. Over the past few months our team has been actively consulting with the Solantu team in order to assure the success of their launch.

The arrival of exotic leathers into Solantu’s product line came naturally due to the fact that the family owns and operates a model crocodile farm, Yacaré Porá, in the Ituzaingó district of the Corrientes province in northeastern Argentina. The name Yacaré comes from the regional term for the animal. Here, two species of crocodile, the Latirostris and Black Caiman, thrive in their natural habitat. This latest initiative sparked a greater understanding of nature’s cycle and materiality, and the importance of respecting its rhythm. “These primitive, prehistoric animals are special,” notes Gold. “Theirs is a fascinating world.” Like the alligator, the Argentinean crocodile caiman latirostris was once endangered; the small flake (scales) of its leather, as well as its texture, softness and durability make this species one of the world’s most sought-after exotic skins.

The family turned its attention to sustainable ranching methods that would protect the species, enhance its survival rate, preserve ecological balance and also generate local jobs. Today, the family’s commitment to responsible ranching methods means that whatever is taken from and returned to nature is tightly controlled, and survival rates, which are dismally low in nature, have now reached 80%.

1.618 is proud to present these brands at our upcoming event and count ourselves blessed to be a part of such an inspired and engaged community. A better world is in reach!